The Great American Novel – Noah had an ark, you need a platform

The Great American Novel – Noah had an ark, you need a platform

A letter from an Editor:

Intrinsic Books - The Great American Novel“Thank you for letting me read __________. I was wrapped up in it from the start. What a fun storyline. You’re right, _______ can really write. And _______ is a strong and vital heroine.”
This goes on for another paragraph. Then the kicker:
“But I don’t think we can take this on. The author doesn’t have enough of a platform and the market for _______ fiction is so crowded these days, so I’m going to pass.”

The moral of the story: don’t write the great American novel until you are already an established author or a well known celebrity, or you have thousands of minions hanging on your every tweet, post or twerk. THEN, with a platform, you can get just about any unedited piece of crap published with spangles, YouTube videos, ads in the Times and your very own Facebook page.

So, a future Caldecott winner goes unpublished and Madonna, who has a platform, can write children’s books (that’s just by way of illustration. I really have nothing against Madonna at all. She can twerk me anytime! Or ping me, poke me, tweet me… just don’t sue me.)

It’s a cruel world, so build a platform. But do it right. Don’t take pictures of your junk, just create an author persona with personal pages, a chapter or two or a synopsis posted on line, a few self published ebooks (careful how this happens), and a million dollar giveaway (watch this space!)

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