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Intellectual Property Management

Intrinsic BooksTraditionally an author’s bundle of rights would be transferred to a publisher for reproduction and distribution of the work by the publisher. Today, with the great changes that have occurred in the publishing industry, self-published authors are able to retain their bundle of rights and control every facet of the reproduction, marketing and distribution of their work. The legal complexity involved is a daunting task for most self-published authors. We are expert at leveraging and exploiting the intellectual property rights that are available to the self-published author, as well as presenting payment scale options and calculating royalty and other payments.

Project Development

Intrinsic Books differentiates itself from assembly-line-style vanity publishers by offering a holistic approach to integrated product creation. Working in collaboration with authors, writers and content creators we move projects from thought to actuality in a coherent and structured manner. We can manage every aspect of your project from nuts to bolts including editorial manuscript development, print book and eBook design and layout, cover design, photo research, indexing, warehousing and black and white or color printing.

Marketing and Publicity

We offer experienced and practical, customer-taylored digital and traditional marketing services assisting authors in finding their readers. We will guide you in leveraging your publishing projects through multimedia campaigns including social-media outreach, reviews, press releases, features, interviews, print, direct mail, targeted lists and publicity.

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