The Intrinsic Books Team

Bill Corsa

Bill Corsa - Intrinsic BooksWILLIAM L. CORSA is the co-founder and Proprietor of Specialty Book Marketing, Inc., a literary agency and consulting firm that focuses on project management and marketing for publishing and corporate clients. Established in 1986, Specialty was one of the first independent service companies to focus on “special markets,” selling intellectual property to readers at their points of interest and through bookstores, along with development of custom products and multiple sales marketing channels.

Bill honed his marketing and management skills in the early 1980s at Arco Publishing, Prentice Hall, and Simon and Schuster, and has worked with companies from Avon to Warner-Lambert and with intellectual property from aviation to zoology. In 1998, Bill was a partner in the purchase of Osprey Publishing from Reed Elsevier, one of Specialty’s client companies and served as Director of North American Operations through 2005.

With over thirty years experience in nonfiction special interest publishing and the management, disposition, and exploitation of intellectual property rights, Bill is an experienced marketing and communications consultant, project leader, creative developer, team builder and publisher of ebooks, digital products and book packager.

You can contact Bill at 212-696-0415 or via email at bill@intrinsicbooks.com.

James Wasserman

James Wasserman - Inrtrinsic BooksJAMES WASSERMAN is President and founder of Studio 31, Inc., the award-winning book design and production service founded in 1977. He has since produced hundreds of books and thousands of ads, catalogs, magazines, promotional materials, book covers and other print products.

Studio 31 has earned several Benjamin Franklin Awards, a feature article in 1994 in Upper & Lower Case Magazine (U&lc)—the journal of the world-renowned International Typeface Corporation—and in Art & Antiques Magazine in 2011. The Studio 31 benchmark edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead: The Book of Going Forth by Day was featured in a two-hour History Channel special, first broadcast in 2006.

In addition to his decades of practice as a book and graphic designer, James is the author of a dozen books in the fields of History, Art, Esoteric Philosophy, and Politics. He has been featured on The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, and The History Channel, been a guest on numerous radio broadcasts and podcasts and addressed the National Press Club on esoteric symbolism.

You can contact Jim at 772-781-71965 or via email at jim@intrinsicbooks.com.

Richard Capuro

Richard Capuro - Intrinsic BooksRichard Capuro is a graduate of New York City’s High School of Art and Design, and later graduated from the City College of the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1978.

Richard’s early career included graphic design, art direction and illustration in both the advertising and publishing industries. Through the early 1980s Richard worked transcribing and editing corporate meetings for many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as for the New York Society of Security Analysts, initiating his interest in financial markets. In the mid 1980s Richard studied programming languages and developed program-trading software for both the futures and equities markets. Aside from owning one of the finest restaurants in New York City’s East Village, and building custom guitars in the early part of this century, Richard has honed his skills as a web architect, web marker and search engine optimizer (SEO), and is proud to be part of the Intrinsic Team.

You can contact Richard at richard@intrinsicbooks.com.

Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner - Intrinsic BooksLisa Wagner is a professional editor, copywriter and researcher who has worked on projects for such varied organizations as the YWCA, the Chickasaw Nation, ManagCare, Uptown United, COVE Alliance, and Creative Quadrant; over the past ten years she has also worked with numerous individuals to help bring their self-published works to market. As a partner and editorial director at KWS Publishers Inc. Lisa focused on project management and acquisition, bringing her experience as an copy editor, non-profit director, and client relations specialist to bear on library market and genre fiction book production.

Earning a Masters of Arts in English Literature and Critical Theory, with a Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies from Depaul University in Chicago, and her Bachelors of Arts from Lake Forest College in Art History and Comparative Religion, Lisa has a broad knowledge of literary and academic book markets and trends. She is currently working on a Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia College with an emphasis in Non-Fiction Writing and Theory, while continuing her work with local Chicago publishers, writers, designers, and artists.

Lisa has studied in Chicago, U.S.A, Vienna, Austria, Cambridge, England, and Jerusalem, Israel. She has a passion for travel and for storytelling, and is fascinated by the ways in which narratives help to form cultures and identities. Through the course of her academic and professional career Lisa has continued to work in writing and publishing, believing that through the capturing and sharing of individual knowledge, especially in the written form, we best engage with the Anima Mundi.

A lifetime member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Psi Omega, the Golden Key Honor Society, and the National Association for Professional Women, Lisa has won awards for her academic accomplishments and writing, but she is most proud of her ability to engage with and learn from people from all walks of life.

You can contact Lisa at 312-404-4084 or via email at lisa@intrinsicbooks.com.

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