Intrinsic Books - Publishing - Intellectual Rights Management - Web Marketing Intrinsic Books is a venture combining the talents of four experienced professionals in the field of intellectual property development, management and publishing. Specialists in high-end book packaging and development Intrinsic Books has grown from the collaboration between Specialty Book Marketing, Inc. and Studio 31, Inc.—a prolific partnership that commenced in 1994 with the production and publication of the benchmark edition of the The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Intrinsic Books Mission Statement

In a world of cookie-cutter mass production and declining standards of literacy, Intrinsic Books pledges you our most personalized and custom attention to every single detail of your project. From editorial content to book design and production, from intellectual property management to web marketing, our goal is quality and service.

Book Packaging and Development / Marketing / SEO

Expert in book packaging and development, Intrinsic Books will work with your organization or yourself to develop and publish both print and digital books, as well as creating a comprehensive marketing and publicity strategy. Working with your proprietary intellectual property, our team of publishing managers, professional researchers, editors and designers will organize a publishing program to develop and produce your publications in multimedia formats for all distribution platforms. Web Services, including web design and administration, digital graphics, publishing-specific SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing will give your project a unique and dominant digital presence. Our custom publishing services have been used by publishers and the corporate community since 1994. We will help you accomplish your project in an elegant and cost-effective manner.